Germany Opens Old Wounds

In recent weeks Germany’s decision to tax Belgian pensioners and widows that receive pensions has been implemented leaving them understandably upset.  This is not least because they were former slave labourers forced to work for Germany during the war and the pension was meant to provide compensation.

Some of these pensioners are in their 80s and suffered years of trauma once they returned home.  The rate of tax Germany wants to charge is 17% and they even want to predate the collection of tax to 2005!  It is a very insensitive decision and shameful given the conditions that these pensioners worked in and that they were forced to work against their will.

I wonder what Germany would do though if the pensioners do not repay the amounts from 2005, will they be forced into German prisons?

Belgium doesn’t even have a functioning government to fight for the pensioners.

Germany’s compensation and goodwill rings hollow with news like this.


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