Six Degrees Reduced To Four

We all know of the famous six degrees of separation, the theory you can connect to anyone in the world through six people.  Well, if like one tenth of the world’s population your world is on Facebook, that figure has now been reduced to 4.74 after a study by the company and, randomly, the University of Milan.

What I find interesting is that we all know that in reality we have about 10 very close friends and even if you can boast 600 Fakebook friends we all know the real deal.  These tests of connectivity are strange because if some random person I had a tenuous link with through social media (including Linked In) asked me to connect them to someone I knew or also had a tenuous link with I wouldn’t do it.  Am I in the wrong?  One person commenting on the research told of how his definition of friend had changed since social media has evolved.

Is the purpose of these studies purely theoretical? If so, what a waste of time!


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