Delhi is 100, Again

On December 12 1911 King George V declared himself the Emperor of India and Delhi the new capital (previously Calcutta was capital).  Delhi is famously a capital city that has had several reincarnations and has the beautiful remnants of at least 11 capital cities in its boundaries.

The current government of India has now been asked how it will commemorate Delhi’s Centenary and it has mixed feelings.  The official line is that the Centenary will not be marked as it is a colonial landmark and not one of independent India. The Ministry of Culture on the other hand has several events in store for Delhiites and the story they are celebrating is the re-emergence of the city as capital.

I find it an interesting conundrum as the government is right in its opinion that it is not an Indian landmark and dates should not be celebrated for the sake of it…but then this is Delhi and we just need an excuse for a party.  This is a city where fairly lights are up on many houses and trees year-round and fireworks going off for nothing so why not have a reason this time?



One Comment to “Delhi is 100, Again”

  1. I say celebrate it !

    It is colonial but we can’t deny our past! At least this will not linked to any religion, culture, sex etc and just a chance for Delhiite to party together in celebration of their city

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