There was an article in today’s London Metro that I totally empathise with. Residents in a village in Devon have painted a huge speed limit sign on the side of their house because they are so sick of people speeding down their road.

I live on a road that is used as a cut through. It has no ramps and people drive between 40 to 50mph down it. This year alone we have had to repair our car four times from cars speeding past and damaging our car.

The other day I had just taken my daughter out of the car and was helping the other one out when a car went speeding past and took my wing mirror out. The car didn’t stop. It was too dark to even see what kind of car it was let alone the registration. I am left with the cost of repairs for reckless driving. Who knows what would happened if I had still been roadside with my daughter.

The whole incident left me fuming. The damage was one thing but the person felt no responsibility to stop and check if we were ok.

Whilst I don’t like ramps and speed cameras on roads, what other choice do councils have if people cannot obey speed limits and drive responsibly.


3 Comments to “Speeding”

  1. I agree. People should drive with caution, especially in the neighborhood with children.

  2. I agree, Bunty, people under-estimate how powerful their cars are and how fragile we are.

    I think people who move to Britain or drive here while on vacation should have to re-take their test. I say this not to be racist at all but if you have been to, e.g. Italy, India,Greece you will know that people drive like crazies – I drive my own car in Delhi and I drive like a crazy person too as there are no rules (it’s quite enjoyable!!) I have seen drivers, particularly in London, almost knocking people over on zebra crossings.


  3. The only time I have ever wished that I was a big hairy scary man is when a car speeds down a residential area (particularly if my nieces and nephews are around). I would LOVE to be able run up to the next junction, pull them out of the car and smack them in the face.

    Have you read the World According to Garp? that’s exactly what the main character does in the book after having a child. hurrah!

    It terrifies me the way some people drive and it used to be just young men but that is certainly no longer the case.

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