60,000 Weddings and No Funerals

Today had been declared one of the most auspicious days to get married according to Hindu priests and their astrolological predictions so 60,000 weddings are taking place tonight in Delhi alone.

More police and traffic wardens have been called in and strict traffic rules are being enforced to help ease the unavoidable gridlock that will ensnare the whole of Delhi.  I find all the logistics incredible at events like these, I’m sure the papers will run stories tomorrow about milk and sugar shortages as the numbers of guest swell to millions!

I wonder if auspicious predictions actually work…


3 Comments to “60,000 Weddings and No Funerals”

  1. 60,000!!! The mind boggles. How can anyone be so superstitious? And is it pure lluck that this auspicious day falls within wedding season? Wowee

  2. It’s at times like this I wish I had become a Wedding Planner.

  3. How ridiculous, but love Mr Q’s idea! If there’s one thing Asians are good at, it’s seeing a business opportunity!

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