Science Is A Hoax

In the USA only three out of eight of the Republican candidates for the next presidential elections believe in the scientific basis for evolution and some have even portrayed scientist as perpetrators of a massive hoax.

We had a wonderful debate about evolution here at The Chatterjis in an earlier post called Life is Beautiful there is the lingering question of whether science and religion can ever be friends.   The USA’s increasingly right wing, religious politics seems to be gaining momentum and shows a worrying trend.  Not only is evolution being questioned (according to a poll only 45% of Americans support evolution) other basic human rights such as the right for a woman to have an abortion are turning into election issues.  Almost every week there is a new American State proposing draconian new measures against abortion.

The USA used to be innovaters and leaders in science, will their politics take over and opress the free thinking of scientists and will we all suffer in the end?


One Comment to “Science Is A Hoax”

  1. Americans are stupid. How dreadful that they are in charge.

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