The Guide is Gone

On Sunday morning, India and South Asians around the world awoke with the sad news that Dev Anand passed away.  The 88 year-old superstar and icon was in London on a trip to launch a season celebrating his career in Indian cinema with Channel 4.

Although I was not a huge fan and must confess he used to give me the creeps, I have come to admire him and acknowledge his handsomeness and screen presence.   This is likely due to the fact that before being treated to Dev Anand’s movie archive I just had images of an old guy hanging around the beautiful young Zeenat Aman in one of my favourite songs (Panna Ki Tamanna).

The Guide is undoubtedly the movie that made Dev Anand a global hit and if you ever watched it or manage to see it, you will lament how wonderful Indian cinema used to be and cry at how awful it is currently.  There was a time when Indian cinema was more graceful and experimental than Hollywood and should have evolved into something spectacular but somehow it did not and is a comical, cringe-worthy mess.  Dev Anand claimed that The Guide touched him so much that he incorporated much of the philosophy of the film’s climax into his own personal life.

I love eccentric people and Indian newspapers have been dedicating pages to Dev Anand’s past interviews and how wonderful they are!  This one from Indian Express is really good. He was the only celebrity to lead a demonstration against Indira Gandhi’s imposed Emergency and had an inimitable sense of style.


One Comment to “The Guide is Gone”

  1. You are really making me want to watch the Guide! I have never seen it

    I have heard that bollywood is improving however so maybe we shouldnt be so quick to judge.

    I don’t watch bollywood as from the outside it looks very sexist – white sari in rain shower scenes being replaced by women in leather shorts jumping around .. this is all very well, and I don’t judge it, but I am not the target audience!

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