Chicken Pox Parties

My two daughters have chicken pox and I was asked if I was going to host a party. At first I thought they were joking, but these events really take place.

Parents throw parties so that other children can catch the virus. The reason is that Chicken Pox is less serious as a child than an adult and the earlier you suffer from this vile infection the better it is.


Having two children suffering at the same time has been nothing short of torture for them and for me. They cannot stop itching, they are in excruciating pain, they cannot eat or sleep which means that their zombie mother is running on empty trying to soothe, comfort and reassure that this will end soon. However, I can say that if your child is suffering from chicken pox, Poxclin is a fantastic remedy.

I can’t imagine anyone child enjoying a “chicken pox party” but I can see the benefits to the parents who want this ghastly infection over with sooner rather than later.


4 Comments to “Chicken Pox Parties”

  1. This is as hilarious as the peanut butter parties I have heard about… They hold these parties at a park near a hospital incase one of the kids is seriously allergic!

  2. OMG the peanut butter parties sound scary but delicious, I do love peanut butter but what if a child has a fatal reaction?

    Bunty, I remember when my sister and I got chicken pox together as kids and couldn’t stop picking the scabs, I still have one or two tiny scars – memories! Put mittens on your children so they can’t scratch….

  3. Ok Peanut Butter parties are hilarious. I cannot believe parents go to these lengths.
    Yes, Bubbly, the girls are thinking it is funny to pick at each other. It’s when they start attacking each others faces that I am going to worry!! Thanks for the advice.

  4. Next time anyone has a peanut butter party, please invite me!

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