Soup Kitchen

Winter always makes me want to eat soup and one of favourites is roasted butternut squash soup which is always served as a starter for our Christmas dinner.


Butternut Squash, 1 onion, 3-4 baby potatoes, salt, pepper, nutmeg and double cream.


1) Cut the butternut squash in half, brush with butter and roast in an oven for about 40 minutes until cooked at 180c.

2) Once roasted, dice onions and potatoes. Sizzle onions in butter in a large pan. Once softened add the potatoes and a pint of water. Season with salt and pepper and cook for about 15-20minutes.

3) Scoop out the butternut squash and add to the pan once the potatoes are cooked and bring to the boil.

4) Using a blender, blend the soup into a smooth consistency. Add double cream and sprinkle nutmeg on top.

A delightfully healthy, hearty and warming dish for a winter’s day.


3 Comments to “Soup Kitchen”

  1. This sounds divine – thanks for the recipe.

    I once slaved for hours making a butternut squash soup with my friend Mikey and then when we finally finished it was disgusting and SWEET urgh and we just had to throw the whole thing out!

    This recipe sounds much easier and tastier

  2. Let us know what you think when you’ve tried it.

  3. I’m a huge soup fan too, my favourite soup has be be broccoli and stilton with warm crusty bread mm! Your recipe sounds really delicious, Bunty will give it a try. It’s a good idea to roast butternut squash and scoop it out rather than chopping it – don’t bother it is so hard to cut I get the ready-chopped packet from the supermarket as I’m a lazy bones.

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