Not The Nanad!

What is it about nanads, (husbands sister), that makes them so devious? Some of the stories I am hearing at the moment are beyond childish and insecure to really psychologically disturbed.

A friend of mine has had a torrid relationship with her nanad from the beginning. At first it was bitchy things like ignoring her at family events, or revealing private conversations at inappropriate times.

Now life has become a lot more serious. My friend has been trying to conceive for years and her nanad let her find out she was pregnant from a friend just because she wasn’t invited to a wedding she wanted to go to and my friend was.

I heard at dinner the other day that someone had to take out an injunction against her nanad who tried to plot a fake affair because she wanted to ruin her brother’s marriage.

My own cousin went into hospital with severe gastroenteritis and now suffers from an under active thyroid as a result of the stress caused by her nanad.

Another nanad ruined plans for an entire wedding becase she had forgotten she had an exam that day and made it impossible for the bride and groom to continue with her continuous demands on her presence.

I know of nanads who, despite their independent earning status, even ask for their entire wedding attendance wardrobe to be paid for by their brother or cousin brother.

I once dated a man who had to chaperone his sister to every event which resulted in her joining us on dates. Not a good sign. She couldn’t stand me and did everything possible to get rid of me.

When my brother got married, I looked forward to having a sister in the house. I wanted her to feel welcome and part of the family. I have never felt the need to compete with her or be cruel to her. She is my family and I could only love her.

Don’t get me wrong not all nanads are vile. Some of us have great relationships but I have just heard a multitude of horror stories. So what is this all about?  How have these nanads even the time to make others people’s lives miserable? Surely they should be spending their time on making their lives better.

Anybody got any answers or even nanad stories.


One Comment to “Not The Nanad!”

  1. These women sound ridiculously jealous and like they need to get a life. I don’t have any brothers but I have cousin-brothers and their wives are amazing and every bit a part of the family. The sad thing is that the brat sister misses out on having a good friend and surely it must strain the relationship with the brother that she is so possessive of.

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