The Dispossessed

What is about South Asians and science fiction?  They just don’t get it.  I cannot believe that there is anyone alive that doesn’t love Star Wars (Empire Strikes Back is my favourite).  How can you possibly not be excited by Captain Picard’s adventures through space on the Enterprise?  And don’t get me started about Dune, which I not only loved reading as a child but also loved watching David Lynch’s film adaptation with a young  Kyle MacLachlan.  Now, we obviously get into more respectable territories when I point out that A Brave New World and 1984 are science fiction, yet much of my family simply hate the genre.

Don’t be so close-minded and force yourself to read science fiction.  If you do not lack imagination then you will be rewarded with fantastical worlds and excellent characters.

If science fiction is new to you, then you may wish to wait a while before you dive into Huxley and Orwell.  I would recommend starting with The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin for some fabulously feminist science fiction.

The chapters alternate between two worlds called Anarres and Urras.  Our hero is Shevek, a physicist who comes from Anarres, which is a society without government (in theory).  He begins hating where he lives and feels that the revolution which brought his world into being is stagnating, and power structures are beginning to exist where there were none before. He therefore embarks on the risky journey to Urras, which is very much like our own planet Earth.

As you know, I hate plot-spoilers, so please enjoy the rest of the book yourselves..although I will share a favourite scene where a friend’s sister spends a day with Shevek and waits while Shevek pays for everything, which includes expensive chocolates, lunch and the taxi.  Shevek is astonished and wonders whether she is a “prostitute” – a term that he has heard about women like her.  Simply marvellous – how can women like that exist?  They are around everywhere and should read this and recognise how people view them!


2 Comments to “The Dispossessed”

  1. I have to say Bubbly, that whilst I love Star Wars and am happy to watch Sci Fi, I do find it difficult to read.
    Thanks for the recommendation though as this sounds like a book that even a sci fi novice could pick up.

  2. Thanks for the review, you got me thinking…might give it a try.

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