Just Say No

So Cameron stood his ground and said “No”.

What does this mean? Nobody knows. There are some who believe this is the best thing since sliced bread, some who think he has failed Britain miserably and Nick Clegg who just doesn’t know which way to swing.

But in reality nobody knows what the impact of Cameron’s decision will be; not the economists; not the finance ministers; not the politicians and not the general public. They can only speculate as Cameron clearly says “We are not in this together,” to Europe.

I feel a sense of pride in Cameron for standing up to the rest of Europe and not just following suit. However, I am not so sure that this was best thing for Britain. I feel that Cameron has appeased his back-benchers rather than put the national interest first. I am sure they was a compromise to be had here without loosing our position at these meetings but think that Cameron had to prove himself to his party and they only way he could do that was to say no unless he got a deal protecting Britain’s financial services.

He seems to be receiving overwhelming support from the British public. Some of whom think he has done the right thing. However, it does seem that a lot of this support is coming from those who still believe that Britain still has imperialist powers. We live in 2011, not 1960 and if we have lived without Europe in the past, doesn’t mean we can successfully do it again. Times have changed and we must move with them.

I do hope that this “No” won’t be regretted.






One Comment to “Just Say No”

  1. Hi Bunty,

    I think David Cameron was right to say no, Britain always seems to compromise with Europe and I personally feel that Britain is one of the only countries that actually implements EU law while others pay lip service. The Eurozone wanted to bend their own treaty in order to use the IMF to finance the ECB who would in turn shore up defaulting nations, how could we agree to such blatantly illegal activity? Rule bending is fine as long as Sarkozy sanctions it…

    I think Britain should re-think the type of EU membership we have. I have watched friends come from the Continent (Greece, Spain, Germany, France), tap into our free education system, free healthcare, social security and other services such as libraries but we Brits don’t qualify for the same benefits on the Continent. Some of these friends even are so wealthy that their inheritance tax bill amounts to hundreds of thousands of Euros but they still came to the UK when they were unemployed with limited prospects or simply pondering what to do with their rich bums…why not come here and lean English for free etc?

    I don’t care for the protection of the City so much but Britain is a wonderful country to work, rest and play in and other countries in Europe don’t have the magic of all three. I studied in Florence, and although it was an amazing experience I knew there was no future there for me in terms of setting up my own fashion business – you had to have contacts and and established family network. There is no such thing as a European version of the American Dream on the Continent many countries in Europe block business due to local red tape. Britain is at least a little better and has led the way in terms of friendliness to entrepreneurship and innovation.

    Sarkozy has tried many times to repatriate French people living in Britain with little success as there aren’t the same opportunities.

    Being part of the EU is great but we should re-assess what that means.

    Britain will be just fine, Keep Calm and Carry On!

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