Westminster Council in the City of London has been reported to have spent nearly £500,000 on signage and employment despite a judicial ruling postponing the introduction of the impending evening and weekend parking charges in the borough. Is this bad financial management or not?

The arrogance of the council was truly demonstrated. They continued to spend whilst fully aware of the court hearing launched by an individual claimant, who cannot be named, with the backing of Mayfair businesses. The judge ruled that a full judicial review needed to take place before any changes to the current charges could be made. The council have now announced that they will delay plans until after the Olympics.

The council denies that the charges are a revenue generator and more about reducing congestion in Central London. However it seems that everyone from residents, businesses and visitors are opposing these parking charges and even the extensively costly research suggests that congestion has fallen in Central London.

So when we are all supposed to be frugal with our expenditure, it seems that some councils can blow half a million just like that. I wonder who is going to pay that back?


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