Google Becomes an Activist

Google announced that it has donated $11.5 million to coalitions around the world to help both fight slavery and help those currently enslaved find rescue and freedom.

I think it’s wonderful that such a large organisation seemingly disconnected to social issues takes up a cause like this.  It should not be up to governments and NGOs to fight for issues on our behalf as we can take more practical action too.  I wrote a post some time ago, Cup of Delight, about the famous china company, Wedgewood and the brave anti-slavery campaigning that they did against black slavery at a time when it was extremely unpopular and there was no such thing as political activism.



3 Comments to “Google Becomes an Activist”

  1. Google’s net profit last year was $8.5bn last year according to their website. So them giving $11.5m to charity is equivalant to 0.1% of net profit, i.e. money left after all costs, including staff wages, all overheads and taxes, have been paid. That’s the equivalent of me giving about 20 quid to charity.

    The term “penny pinchers” springs to mind.

    Was this so that they could tick the Corporate & Social Responsibility box??

  2. Yes but they didn’t have to give 0.1% of their profit at all – APPLE didn’t have a corporate social responsilbity policy and in fact, Steve Jobs apparently got rid of any charitable donations. Not so cool as Bill Gates.

    I agree with City Slave that it is right to be a little cynical but companies do not have to donate anything and when they do they really make a difference.

  3. For whatever the reason, it is good to give. I do totally understand the cynicism as charitable donations also are tax deductable and that is often an incentive as much as CSR.
    However, I am sure the charities are grateful.

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