Super Nannies

£448 million to be spent on troubleshooters for problem families!

These “super nannies” will go into “troubled” households and attempt to sort out their problems. They will ensure people are getting up and going to work; that children aren’t truanting; that anti-social behaviour is eradicated. The so called “troubled” families will lose benefits and or face eviction if they do not comply.

Family From TV Series "Shameless"

The monies contributed by the government is to cover 40% of the costs. The other 60% needs to be sourced from cash strapped councils. Where are they going to get this money? – oh I know, parking charges and more fines!

I applaud the effort to help Britain’s most socially disadvantaged families but is the language and attitude right here?  Having grown up near an extremely rough council estate in Luton I can honestly tell you that these social workers are going to have a phenomenally challenging task on their hands. They are frightening places where patronising and unsympathetic attitudes are not welcome. Families are not electrical equipments that have a troubleshooting index at the back of the manual. There are no easy fixes and you can’t discard and buy ones if the measures don’t work. To find solutions to the cause of the problems within families takes time and once councils are subjected to ticking boxes to receive money, the objective is lost.

Good luck “super nannies”. I look forward to hearing on how they have turned Britain around.


One Comment to “Super Nannies”

  1. HI Bunty, I agree the idea and enforcement seems like a difficult task. There are no quick fixes to providing opportunities and ambition to people.

    More money wasted…

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