Secret Santa

Secret Santas are great fun but can be quite tricky if you are buying for someone you don’t really know. In the past I have had great Secret Santas andbad ones!!!

A dancing hamster comes to mind as one of the most useless purchases for £5 and those dirty doodle books from Urban Outfitters which in my mind are just a waste of trees. On the other hand, a beautiful designer wallet from Oxfam, recipe books and lip gloss are amongst my favourites.

I always find work Secret Santas can be quite difficult, especially when the limit is £5 so Amazon becomes my best friend very quickly.

This year in the run up to Christmas, everyone has sales and you can get bargains almost anywhere. However, my favourite discovery for Secret Santa gifts has been TK Max. I bought 5 secret santa gifts for £30. I won’t tell you what they are just in case people are reading and haven’t opened theirs, but if you are stuck and there is one nearby, it is well worth a visit.

If anyone has any other tips to share with our chatterboxes on Secret Santa gifts then please comment below.



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