Bursting Breasts

Can you imagine breast implants leaking or rupturing? Ughh! Ghastly!! Makes me shudder… The Guardian reveals that 250 women are launching a high court case against 6 British clinics who have supplied them with faulty French produced implants. About 30,000 women in France and 40,000 in Britain are said to have these implants which may need replacing.

Those who are victims of breast cancer will have them replaced at no charge, but the manufacturer, Poly Implant Prothese, did not resolve the issue for others prior to being shut down. They are now looking for compensation and it seems that the clinics who purchased these implants will ultimately take the wrap for these implants.  It is going to be a long and draining battle.

I guess this is when health insurance is really useful. I have extreme empathy for these women, despite my scepticism over cosmetic surgery.  The agony and trauma that these women are facing because of faulty manufacturing is unfair and irresponsible and the French health authorities also have to be answerable as they are meant to be monitoring quality.

This is the very reason why I personally would stay away from cosmetic surgery. If it goes wrong, it is more traumatic than living with small boobs. Isn’t it?  This whole story has left me holding onto my small boobs preciously.




One Comment to “Bursting Breasts”

  1. To have breast cancer is extremely traumatic. To then lose a breast to the caner is even more traumatic. That trauma then continues when these women have corrective surgery. And tho have to go through it again?? I shudder at the thought…

    Clinics who used these implant should have professional indemnity insurance, but all that means is that insurance premiums in general will go up, as the money has to come from somewhere. What a sad sad world we live in. I think that the people at this company who decided to cut corners on making these implant should be charged with attempted murder. They have personally put at risk the lives of almost 70,000 women and should be put on trial.

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