End Of Christmas

Victorian tradition is to take down Christmas decorations on the 5th January. Today!

Apparently it is bad luck to leave them any longer than the twelfth night of Christmas.

I don’t follow the Victorian tradition, especially if it falls on a weekday, as I like Christmas decorations. I love the tree with all its glorious trinkets, I love the lights and I love tinsel… So when the day comes to take down those decorations, I do it with reluctantly.

Following the pre 19th century tradition of taking decorations down on 2nd February, 40 days after the birth of Jesus, could leave me with a very droopy and pineless tree.

Oh well, Christmas is over until next year.



2 Comments to “End Of Christmas”

  1. Bad luck seems extreme doesn’t it? Surely it’s personal preference that counts and yes whether it is still presentable walking on pine needles is not very comfortable. My friends in Delhi are taking theirs down on 16 January for some reason that even they do not know but they heard that’s the day…

    I have a semi outdoor kitchen here in Delhi and one whole wall is covered in a beautiful bougainvillea that I have strung fairy lights and little trinkets on and they’re not ever coming down…my decorations are for life not just for Christmas!

  2. I have to admit I have still left my fairy lights up as they are too lovely!

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