Beauty Drink

Just for you my dear Chatterboxes and of course for my skin, for two weeks and every day without fail I have been drinking a sachet of Shahnaz Herbals Beauty Drink and am ready with my review:

It’s great but WAY too sweet, like drinking a jalebi (deep fried syrup-laden sweet).

Using all natural ingredients, the beauty drink sachets are to be diluted in a glass of water.  The 100% natural ingredients include marigold, rose, saffron and pearl extract and beauty promises include youthful, radiant, glowing skin.  Since I started drinking them I have been visited in Delhi by two friends from the UK and both commented on how great my skin looks and both stocked up on the sachets before I waved them off.

I will be sending the company an email requesting a sugar-free version but of course as customer service doesn’t exist in India I know this request will fall on deaf ears.  Just brush your teeth an extra time as it really is cavity inducing sweetness but perhaps I am over reacting.

I will digress a little and remark that this has to be one of the few Shahnaz products that has a normal name… she has been around the beauty scene for decades and I am certain she was the inspiration behind Apple’s i-this and i-that as Shahnaz Hussain has been branding her range with her name with some hilarious consequences (apologies Princess Shahnaz but I have to) such as Shatone, Shalocks and even Shaweed, it’s all a bit much if shaknow what shamean…

However, I do love her, I went to a interview she did at the wonderful Nehru Centre in London and she was so charismatic and  intelligent with a great sense of wit and humour.  Harvard Business School ran a programme on her and there is hardly an award she has not won.

Her range is available everywhere in India and in London I think the only reliable source is the pharmacy in Selfridges, Oxford Street.


5 Comments to “Beauty Drink”

  1. Oh my god this sonds amazing – do selfridges sell it? i think i would like the sugar version!

  2. Sugar free for me. I can’t stand Jalebi.

  3. It sounds like it’s just going to make you fat being that sweet… are you sure your cheeks don’t just look plumper?

  4. How can you not stand jalebis Bunty!!! Hot jalebis in warm milk mm mm mmmmmm. Clearly you are not a fat punjabi!

  5. Mysterious pinkie, I already have fat cheeks (see cartoon above) but I don’t think they have become even fatter…

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