Sober Up

Drinking alcohol is ingrained into British culture as much as having a cup of tea. We are known for our communities centring on pubs and it isn’t unusual to go for a quick drink before dinner or going home. Even modern Asian households have incorporated this part of British culture into their lives.

Amidst ministers calling for a review of the drinking guidelines to encourage people not drink at least 2 days out of 7, what I find fascinating is how we as a country have slipped into drinking wine like the French. It is on the dinner table and families are used to having a glass or two a night.

It’s easy to get into a one glass a day and then one bottle of day habit, isn’t it? Especially with wine…. It is not synonymous to Gin and Vodka and other drinks associated with alcoholism. Wine is sophisticated, cool and family friendly. How many of us may open a bottle of wine with dinner nearly everyday? I used to and know many people who still do. I used to work in the media and was surrounded by people who drank at lunchtime as well as in the evening everyday.

Well, whilst a glass of red wine a day may help reduce the risk of breast cancer it can also increase the risk of liver disease so abstaining for at least two days a week is beneficial. Did the Government really need to spend money on a report to come to that conclusion? Most doctors will tell you that sustained regular drinking damages your liver and it is better not to consume that to.

It would be my suggestion to not only focus on the amount that is consumed but also to consider changing the perception of drinks such as wine which have become common household items.


3 Comments to “Sober Up”

  1. I agree that this is the way forward, I had the same issue with wine where you don’t realise how much you’ve drunk until the bottles are all lined up for the recycling bin! I think the government need to use your approach more to get this across, all they seem to do is patronise!

  2. There is there this belief that everyone in the Mediterranean drinks a glass of wine a day with lunch or whatever. I have now been in Spain for work for over two months and I have to say I have not seen a single person below the age of about 40 drink wine with a meal once. And when I have seen people drink it socially, they have mixed it with a tasteless soda water to make it weaker. Also, sangria is strictly a summer drink, so no one has been drinking that either. It has definitely made me rethink how much I used to drink when I was living in London. And by not drinking a glass of wine everyday, the size of my waistline has decreased!

  3. Yes…it is a slippery slope with wine!

    I have a British friend who got addicted to a delicious Indian rum and had a couple of glasses a night, she had to quit her addiction slowly but it’s such an easy habit to follow. This friend came to visit me in Delhi last month and we looked forward to rum-o-clock! Not sure I’m helping her with her addiction but she didn’t take a bottle back with her which is encouraging.

    The government is always patronising with these things and I am surprised this research still gets funding. We are supposed to drink this much then not drink that much then …. everything in sensible moderation and you can’t go wrong (until the weekend, yipee!)

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