Sticky Fingers

British celebrity chef, Antony Worall Thompson was caught shoplifting cheese and wine from his local Tesco and has been given a police caution.  Shame, shame we know your name.  In his released statement he talks of getting treatment.  Is shoplifting an illness?  I am not aware of this.

My favourite celebrity shoplifter is still Winona Ryder who tried to steal some Marc Jacobs cashmere.  Perhaps she tried out what magazines always tell us to do in their features: Spend or Steal!  She simply chose the latter.

Going back to the original story, it’ s a bit sad that some people can’t be trusted to scan their items properly at the supermarket.  My only question is this: now that supermarkets want us to scan our own purchases, bag them ourselves and so on will their next cost cutting/time saving initiative involve us stacking shelves for them too?  More opportunities for sticky fingers!



3 Comments to “Sticky Fingers”

  1. Chronic shoplifting can be caused by an illness called kleptomania, usually suffered by people also suffering from depression. It’s a well documented illness, but I believe it’s usually middle aged women whose children have moved out of home that suffer from it.

  2. I do feel slightly sorry for him. The embarrassment of this must be torturous especially over cheese and wine. Wonder if it was Cheddar. Brie or a lovely bit of Stilton!!!

  3. I don’t feel sorry for him at all – what a loser hahahaha

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