A new initiative as part of the 2012 Olympic cultural legacy is to use the tops of bus stops as spaces to display art. Bus-Tops project digital art  in London on the top of 30 shelters in 20 boroughs offering commuters a surprisingly pleasant view from the top of a double decker bus.


The initiative seems to have received praise from local commuters and I cannot wait to see the art displayed on them. Bus-Tops exhibition was launched with a series of work  by Turner Prize nominated artist Mark Titchner.  A series of inspirational commands and motivational challenges such as ‘Act or be Acted Upon’ and ‘If you don’t like your life, you can change it’ are being displayed.

Local artists are also requested to send in their collections to the select committee of curators and can potentially see their work being displayed in this fantastic format.

It is great to see some innovation with the arts that is able to engage the local community and offer something different to commuters than more advertising.


2 Comments to “Bus-Tops”

  1. Really good idea and yes I agree it’s nice to have less advertising and more art, like the poems on the underground which are lovely too.

    Shame I never sit on the top deck as I feel it is less safe than bottom but luckily I hardly ever take the bus in London. I used to when I lived in Fulham as the district line was terrible – chiggin along like the Disney train!

  2. The motorway that links Edinburgh with Glasgow (the M8) is used to display works of art – it is lovely!

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