Sticky Fingers Part 2

On the topic of “sticky fingers”, it seems that the recession is bringing everyone out desperate measures in many, even couriers trusted to deliver parcels that you have paid for to your doorstep.

Pre and post Christmas, we have had a number of packages go missing; never delivered or even tracked as delivered but not really. Who has them? Who knows?

Just this week, a courier company told me that it was there policy with the retailer to be able to leave packages on a doorstep. This I doubt highly and when raising this with the retailer, they were as alarmed as me.

Subsequently, the package that was meant to have been delivered on my doorstep arrived back at depot two days later, I assume after the driver was questioned. Whilst I cannot prove that my packages are being stolen, our trusted courier at work has confirmed my assessment. The deal is the retailer will provide a refund and the courier company will continue to get the business and so are not a internally regulated.

Going back to the old fashion shopping at a store and taking your goods with you has become rather appealing recently.



One Comment to “Sticky Fingers Part 2”

  1. that is shocking! what happened to good old fashioned honesty?

    retailers had better think of checking as customers have huge spending power online and ensuring hassle-free delivery is a key comfort of online shopping.

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