Royal Yacht For The Queen?

Did nobody tell Michael Gove MP that we are in a recession so £60m of public money to pay for a Royal Yacht may not go down well.

Or maybe we do have the money….

Maybe the whole nation has been led to believe that we are in a national debt crisis as this is the only way the Tories can get away with the drastic cuts it has been implementing.

I have no problem celebrating the Queen’s Jubliee. Marking it with a public holiday and encouraging communities to arrange street parties and enjoy the occasion is all it needs. There will be many commemorative gifts to buy for those that wish to.

£60m could probably complete a number of the schools projects closed down by Michael Gove. Such extravagance is just distasteful when people are still losing jobs and businesses are folding.

Let’s enjoy the Jubliee with a lovely day off!



One Comment to “Royal Yacht For The Queen?”

  1. Oh I thought some rich canadians were going to donate £10m? And the rest was going to be similarly raised privately. Anyway it’s a stupid idea. I’m not going anywhere near a boat given what happened at the weekend!

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