Talk To Your Children

How would you feel if you received a text to tell you talk to your child? Patronised, insulted or helped and supported?

This is one of the few recommendations by Jean Gross, who was appointed the first communication ‘champion’ by Labour. Apparently, 1 in 5 parents do not see the worth in talking to babies under 3 months old and it is estimated that around 100,000 five-year-olds have speech development behind their expected level.

Mrs Gross, in her final report, says the Department for Education should provide parents with ‘accessible information on how to enjoy and support their child’s communication and language development from birth’.

Her research infers that mothers do not have time to surf the net for information. Is she joking? Who did she ask? How does she think Netmums and all the other parenting sites have got so big?

She recommends the launch of a national text service which would encourage parents to sign up and receive ‘bite-sized’ snippets of information about the need to encourage speech.  Is she for real? How does she plan on engaging those who do not speak to their children to sign up for this service let alone take notice?

It seems that this another one of those middle class ideas that hasn’t delved into the social and cultural circumstances of the families in question.




2 Comments to “Talk To Your Children”

  1. At the risk of playing devil’s advocate (and I think ALL Labour policies are retarded) surely the type of mother on Mumsnet etc is the type of self absorbed middle class housewife that probably bores her children to death by talking to them.

    This initiative would surely tap into the poor, who may not have access to the internet, nor use the internet for anything useful if they have it. Yet these poor scroats manage to upkeep mobile phones and therefore may benefit from these texts.

    Great blog girls, keep up the good work xx

  2. Perhaps this woman is making a valid point that parents need ot talk to children form an early age but surely the mid-wife and health visitor is a better tool for communication and reminding than a text message? Who would feed the text messages anyway? A call centre in Asia?

    I think this is a desperate attempt from Labour to get some column inches as they have really lost the plot and will be un-electable for some time yet. Keep ’em coming champions, really entertaining!

    Glad you’re enjoying the blog!

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