Tilda Basmati-Swinton

I really wish I could pull off my girl crush, Tilda Swinton’s hair she is just too super cool as shown above (image from the recent Golden Globes).

I used to have very short hair and I loved it but I am too human to pull off a quiff like that.  I tried various short lengths but started growing it again as ‘something to do’ a hobby that keeps itself busy!

When I cut my hair short for the first time my mother was devastated and refused to speak to me for two weeks.  Just ever so lightly over the top. Is it becuase short hair shows a girl is wild in our culture?  Or mad or without virtue?  Mummy grudgingly accepted my short hair was nice but I find it interesting that the favourite short hair cut for Asian women is The Diana:

Now don’t tell me you don’t know anyone with that hair cut!



3 Comments to “Tilda Basmati-Swinton”

  1. I love short hair and spent most of my years from 16 to 30 with short hair. Mine was more like the Annie Lennox cut!! But it looked great – well i thought so.

    I had the same judgements of having short hair. Wild child rebel was something that was referred to me a lot. Family would tell me that I could never get married with short hair. No responsible Indian man would want me etc….. I had an uncle who would always shout out at any event – oh here come our other nephew. What an arse!!

    Yet, I am seeing more Asian women in their 50’s cutting their hair shorter and like you say Bubbly, favouring the Diana cut. Even my very traditional mum has a shortish bob.

  2. Bunty I can’t believe your uncle said that!

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