Bleached Beyonce

I’m no longer a fan of Beyonce as I find her music quite dated and am bored of her wailing but I do acknowledge her success, popularity and with it her influence.  I don’t know if it is her decision or whether she is being pushed into becoming a caucasian white woman by her record company but I find her new album cover quite sad:

If this did not actually have Beyonce’s name on it I would never have thought it was her.  In fact I saw this yesterday and am still struggling to find Beyonce’s features and think that this may be someone else.  It’s great to experiment with your looks and hair and I have nothing against it but I think this new Beyonce 2.0 version is with bad taste.

Whether she likes/accepts it or not, she is actually a role model for other girls and she should show that you can have darker skin and still be beautiful and proud of it. I hope Beyonce is just going through a mid-life crisis and just like her husband has realised women aren’t b*tches now that he has a  baby girl, hopefully for her daughter’s sake she will realise dark skin is beautiful.

Who does she see when she looks in the mirror?


6 Responses to “Bleached Beyonce”

  1. She is looking more and more like Shakira. The whole whitening thing is a bit sick. I wonder if she’s worked out if she sells more or less yet. Or is this another female singer pandering to perverts who she doesn’t actually make any money from?

  2. Without exception, all my black girlfriends have issues about their colour. I find it very sad.

  3. And p.s. nice to see women selling music upon talent alone and not dressing like prostitutes in the middle of sex.

  4. p.p.s she looks more like Ru Paul heh heh

  5. I have black girlfriends who have issues with the darkness of their skin. They live with the same attitude towards colour as Asians do.
    Beyonce was cool when she first hit the scene but really too much of the same thing just gets boring!


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