Extradition is a hot topic at the moment as Sarah Ferguson avoids being sent packing to Turkey for exposing a brutal orphanage and Richard O’Dwyer is appealing against his extradition to America for listing a numerous sites on which you can watch new American series for free.


Well, it would have been shocking if the British government allowed the extradition of an ex-Royal for unmasking these atrocities in an ITV documentary. In fact, she should be heralded for great investigative journalism exposing criminal activity. Instead, the Turkish government claimed that she had broken regulations. Really Turkey…. Who cares about breaking regulations if you are going to save children’s lives. Not Britain!

On the other hand a …. Year old who managed to pay his way through university by setting up a website with links to watch brand new American dramas costing Hollywood thousands. As America moves to tighten its anti-piracy laws, Richard will be made an example of.

The debate over this case is interesting. In the UK, what he has done is not illegal. The US have a different view. There, he could face up to 10 years in prison. It is said that the judge gave priority to the extradition law in this case rather than UK’s anti piracy law which goes against judicial practice. Is this just another demonstration of how America calls one of our citizens and we hand them over.

At dinner the other day, amongst a group of 10 people, none had cable or satellite. They all seemed to be up to speed on the latest American series. How? Free viewing on the internet all through illegal sites. It seems that Hollywood needs to move with the times and get savvy with new media so that intelligent entrepreneurial techies over the world are not able to provide royalty free entertainment.


One Comment to “Extradition”

  1. Perhaps Fergie could do research on Turkish prisons for another documentary.

    I think Turkey is pursuing this more as a deterrant to other documentary makers who may not have royal connections not to mess with it.

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