The Fight For Male Equality

BBC news reported on the male suffragette movement in Meghalaya a small Indian village where women have all the power.

Everything from health, wealth, ownership and even language is empowered to women. Men complained about feeling worthless, useless and wanting equality. My God, their plights are the same as women’s in about 99% of the world.

Women there, do not trust men with their money and so have decided to look after it themselves. Well, UN statistics can relay information on how women are much better at looking after household finances than men especially in poverty stricken households.

I find myself divided. On the one hand I think great. Good on these women who have all the power in their village. However, I believe in equality and rights for all. As a woman, I can relate to the sentiments and realities for these men and how demoralising this can be. I wish them equality but when it comes down to the family finances, I am pleased that the women have this under control.



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