Cover Girl

Psychologies Magazine has put Archie Punjabi on their cover and this has resulted in a  little watercooler chat about women of other ethnicities being on mainstream covers.

Magazines argue that there are very few Asian women who are a mainstream success and worry that the obscurity of the cover girl may result in less sales.   Much cross over in black women on covers comes from Hollywood or the music industry and there isn’t an instantly recognisable South Asian face in either of those two.

It’s an acceptable explanation but I wonder how much a cover actually draws in a new customer.  Don’t regular buyers of Vogue and Instyle buy it regardless which bland photoshopped celebrity is staring out at us?  Is a white woman likely to not buy their monthly glossy due to an ethnic minority cover or would a different cover actually reach out to a new customer? Who knows?!

All I know is this:  It’s not a question of black or white or even brown as every cover that I have ever seen including Asian Woman Magazine  ALL feature women with a generic photoshop skin tone of slightly tanned and you will be given this skin tone regardless of whether you are black (see Bleached Beyonce) or white.   If anyone who knows about photoshop could let us know what Pantone/CMYK shade this is it would be fab and then at least we will know what colour we’re meant to be.


6 Comments to “Cover Girl”

  1. they do have quite a generic skin tone come to think of it

  2. I asked a make-up sales person at Selfridges the other day what shade of foundation her stand sold the most of. She told me my colour. I am South Asian. This was the Georgio Armani make up stand and she told my colour was no. 6.5 in their range.

    The next morning I was killing time in duty free in Terminal 5 at Heathrow, and I decided to put this to the test. It was very early in the morning so there were hardly any sales people. I went round most of the make up stands and pulled out their drawers to have a look at which colour they were stocking the most of. Right enough, my colour, or thereabouts, had massively more stock than all of the other colours.

    So either South Asians have really bad skin and we all need lots of foundation, or we have the average skin colour. Now if it’s the latter, why aren’t there more of us on TV, magazines and in movies? The make-up colour test shows that we are normal, we don’t stand out as being unusual… my personal theory is that it come down to the personal prejudices of the media, they make or break people and they have decided that making asian stars just isn’t interesting.

  3. I remember being photographed for a number of magazine shoots a few years ago and they put so much foundation on I looked like a hideous cup of cappucino!!!! Even Rubie and Millie don’t make for Asian skin. I have however, found a great Mac one that works for my colour skin and doesn’t make me look caked!

  4. No offence but if I was the geek in the psychologies front cover I would go ape at them making me look like such a loser – what the hell is that pose ???

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