Kodak Kringe Moments Gone

I was sad to hear Kodak closed its doors and filed for bankruptcy.  I felt a short nostalgic loss but the company failed to innovate and we fell in love with digital.

It was nice once upon a time going to Boots to collect photographs but inevitably there would be some real crackers that you wished had never been taken and should be burned along with the negative!  It’s also nicer not having to share private family moments with your local pharmacist…

The sad invention of digital is that we are too vain now and can instantly delete images where the light gives us a beard and moustache or images that make us look like geeks – this was formerly gold dust for blackmailing siblings, nieces and nephews!   We’ll have to think of something else now.


One Comment to “Kodak Kringe Moments Gone”

  1. A really interesting article in this months Economist comparing Kodak to Fujifilm. Why one has survived and the other hasn’t. What a shame that Kodak couldn’t keep up with digital changes to the industry.

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