Glitz and Glamour

A delayed post about the Golden Globes fashion hits and misses, apologies, things happen!

Firstly let me say, in India last night it was the Screen Awards which I guess is the Indian version of the Globes but I’m not going to review the fashion because I can’t pretend to care about the celebrities or the fashion.  A sari is a beautiful garment, end of.  No one wore anything else.

So back to the Globes, please do get your comments off your chest too!

Starting with a Brit Chick – well, at least it’s not nude.  I love nude but it’s a bit saturated at award ceremonies.  The Telegraph commented on Kate’s chav/scouse eyebrows.  A bit harsh!

Rather pleased with herself and rightly so.  Call me old fashioned but why didn’t any magazine/newspaper comment on Angelina’s chav tatoos?  I can’t believe people actually still get them.

This is one of my favourites, this is what my Barbie doll would have worn.

Pretty perfect and I have a soft spot for bows.

No idea who she is but I like her dress.  I don’t watch enough tv to know who most of the people at the Globes are.

Pint-sized Freida looks rather drowned and frumpy in this Prada gown.  It won lots of praise from magazines but I don’t like it.  The colour is nice but the fabric looks like the type of thin foam my yoga mat is made from.

Studded dress by All Saints, no sorry I forgot the name of the real designer.

I quite like this dress, it’s a but funny looking but I think it works.  I love the earrings even more!

Again don’t know who she is but nice dress/colour.

Good grief, even the Queen looks younger and the dress is way too fussy.

The top is better than the skirt.

Lovely lovebite colour.

Pretty perfect

I have no idea if Cameron Diaz actually wore this to the after party but she looks pretty bad for someone who usually looks fab.  She looks so pale and that her hair is still work-in-progress.


7 Comments to “Glitz and Glamour”

  1. Kate looks fabulous and I love her eyebrows.

    Angelina looked the best I think, but I still can’t stand her and it’s not only because I would like to have her lips thank you v much.

    Elle – spectacular – hope I age similarly (aye right!)

    Charlize – i don’t like this dress actually – the bits don’t join together and she looks like she’s trying to look all cutesy 5 years old yuck (although I love her in the Dior advert!)

    Friedo Pinto looks awful – yuck! She’s young, why is she dressed up like a granny?

    Nicole – how can she get it this wrong? She normally looks amazing – and those disgusting studs in the middle of her chest – are they nipples or something – hideous!

    Madonna – nice except the BMX glove.

    I’ve forgotten her name – but the older English actor = not Judi Dench – she looks wonderful !

    Cameron – jesus, more money than sense. Who told her this was nice? Her tits look saggy and she needs a new phone.

    How glad am I that I do not get analysed this much !!

  2. I wish I never got my tattoo, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  3. Freida Pinto, Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz – they all need new stylists!! They really could have done better.

    There is absolutely no reason to wear something that unflattering when you have about 50 dresses to choose from and many times that number of designers vying to get their dress on you.

  4. OMG what was Madge wearing!!!
    Great article and lots of fun. I feel like I am flicking through Hello mag!

  5. Kate looks amazing- love her hips and her eyebrows look fab! The Telegraph obvioulsy didn’t have anything positive to say so they bitched about her brows- nice!
    Angelina- She always looks so smug….she looks good but I agree the tatoos totally ruin it
    Elle – No comment – she is ‘The Body’ after all her boobs look a bit saggy but she is stunning- I want her body!
    Charlize- Very pretty, but if that train was cut off I think it the dress as a mini would look awesome!
    Frieda dress loks like something out of ‘The Sound of Music’ and doesn’t do justice to her fab figure
    Nicole- She needs to get some sun- but if she did she would look like a younger verion of Donatella Versace- the way her boobs are hoisted up looks too Gladiator esque for me, and there must be alot of padding in that dress as we all know she has no boobs
    The black dress- The weird bit in the middle – dunno what is going on here…..
    The purple chiffon dress- A bit yawn isnt it- suits her though as she looks yawn
    Kelly Osburne- yes she looks like the Queen even with the grey hair. Lush colour though
    Madonna – If the bottoem of the dress stayed simple like the top it would of been a nice dress- but cant help but think she is looking Tranny like these days and white as a ghost- what is it with these older women and looking so pale! I know the sun ages but pale skin makes you look like a witch- thats it I’ve got it she looks like a Witch she even has the gap in her teeth!
    The purple one under Madonna- Hideous- did she go to M&S and pick this up?
    Meryl- Wow noithing wrong here suits her age figure everything.
    Cameron Diaz- WTF? Those biceps so unnattractive and she forgot to style her hair after washing it

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