Caffeine Addict

Sex, Tea and Rock ‘n’ Roll doesn’t really have a ring to it so I’ll never be a pop star.  My addiction is available in any grocery store – just plain old caffeine.  Over the weekend, David Lynch wrote an article for Huffington Post about his addiction to coffee.

I totally relate to where he’s coming from guzzling 20 cups per day and now only 7.  I get through that much tea and coffee every day too, about 7 cups but certainly less than 20 and like him, I love every single cup and look forward to the next one.  The bit that needs to be curbed is sugar: I did something quite shocking for my family and started drinking tea and coffee without sugar as you can imagine how hyper I would become on that combination.  I tried to detox once a few years back and got full body ache from the withdrawal symptoms.  Needless to say that didn’t last long, it’s not such a bad vice is it?

David Lynch’s 20-a-day habit was at the time he produced Twin Peaks and created the coffee-guzzling character of Dale Cooper so perhaps that much coffee creates a surreal dimension.  Don’t try this at home kids…


2 Comments to “Caffeine Addict”

  1. All that nervous energy from Caffeine. I would be permanently wired!! Couldn’t do a 20 a day thing at all.
    Sounds like the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Do they do caffeine strips like nicotine strips. Surely all that caffeine can’t be good.

  2. 20 cups – wow!

    I drink about 4-5 cups of tea a day and love it! As vices go I think that is pretty tame. I don’t like coffee though – the caffeine hit is too strong and makes me jittery yuck

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