Dangerous Dogs

With the tragic mauling of a 6 years old girl over the weekend, dangerous dogs are back on the agenda. The poor girl had half her ear bitten off and suffered severe bite wounds to her head and body. She will need continuous surgery for the foreseeable future, never mind the mental scarring from such an attack. The father of the child spoke of the incident as needless and described the dog owner as a spectator to the onslaught.

Should all dogs be muzzled and on leads in public places? Should there be dog free parks for children to play in? Should dog owners hold licenses? The questions roll on.

As a mother, I am always cautious of dogs. My little daughter loves them and I will always ask an owner if the dog is good with children and may my daughter stroke the dog. Additionally, I always make sure the dog she is stroking is on a lead.

However, have you ever walked through Stratford town centre or Shepherds Bush? Young lads in hoodies with their Staffordshire Bull Terriers  are menacing. The lads would never be able to control the dog if it chose to attack. The dogs are seen as status dogs and bred for gang fighting and protection. Muggings are even happening at dog point now! How scary is that?

Twenty years ago, the House of Lords banned the ownership of dogs such as Pit Bulls, but the new breed of Staffs has meant that there is another menace on the streets and the police cannot do a thing unless the dog has attacked by which time it is too late.

I am all for dog licensing and responsible training. Under 21’s should not be allowed to handle dogs such as Staffs in public who should be muzzled and on a lead at all times.

I would hate what happened to this little girl to happen to my daughters and watch the owner blame everybody else but themselves for not being able to control their dog.



One Comment to “Dangerous Dogs”

  1. I am sure that child will spend the rest of her life fearful of dogs, so sad. As a trainer I do believe in responsible dog ownership, no one should every own a dog they cannot control. Many powerful breeds require experienced, mature handlers. Dogs are not objects for status, and power nor should they ever be used as such. I believe that all of us who are in the business of working with dogs, breeders, vets, trainers etc., have a responsibility to produce, train and advise owners about their dogs. I feel so sad for the little girl and her family and cannot imagine an owner being a spectator to such a horrific site, the owner needs to be held accountable for such an injustice.

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