Deep Fried Foods

New research has concluded that eating fried food does not increase heart disease. This made me feel a whole lot better as I tucked into my full English breakfast after a night out.


A study done on 41000 over 11 years found that only 600 people suffered from any coronary heart disease.

The study, written in the British Medical Journal, claims that frying foods in oils such as olive and sunflower oil aren’t bad for you and relates the experiment to the lifestyle and eating habits of those in the Mediterranean. The study added that while eating large amounts of fried foods increases risks of high blood pressure, cholesterol and obesity, which can all lead to heart disease, there is still no direct link between cooking oils and heart health.

Is this news we don’t know or is this 11 years of research just telling us to eat everything in moderation! Of course Olive oil and sunflower oil is better than saturated animal fats. Our bodies absorb and digest these oils which serve us a purpose.

However, as I ate my chips on my way home from a football game last night, I knew that my body wouldn’t thank me for it in the morning. The fat just sat in my stomach!


2 Comments to “Deep Fried Foods”

  1. Fry ups are the best cure for hangover- IO had one this morning even though I wasn’t hungover- that makes 2 in a week!

  2. I find fried food disgusting I can just feel it sticking to my arteries!

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