Downton Abbey Wins

Last night Downton Abbey was crowned best drama at the National TV Awards.  I hardly watch tv at all but I am so so glad a friend recommended this period drama to me one Sunday.  It was an episode in the middle of series two but that didn’t matter, I became fond of the characters instantly and the fashion and interior design even more.

I was given series one as a Christmas gift and love it even though I am watching the whole drama back-to-front!  The granny certainly has the best role and the best lines  eagerly await her arrival in each episode.  The relationship between the sisters reminds of me of some of my cousins and the parallels between pre-war English culture and contemporary South Asian culture are not so far apart.

We are all supposed to fall in love with the heartthrob Matthew Crawley and even though he’s really not my type I have complied… #sheep.



2 Comments to “Downton Abbey Wins”

  1. I looooooove downton – and I love Lady Mary

    however, no disrepect to the wonderful cast, costumes and drama BUT this is not the best drama is it? the implausible plot lines are great to watch but hardly realistic AS IF the lord of the manor would care about the staff and what about the survivor of the Titanic – shifted off and then never heard of again? Eh?

    anyway, who cares Lady Mary is AMAZING!

  2. series one is way better than series two

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