Euro Millions Lottery: Where Will it End?

Angela Merkel is certainly stubborn and Eurozone countries that are not in financial trouble have joined a growing chorus, including respected economists, that she is putting German interests ahead of Europe’s.

She is a politician, putting national interests first is in her prerogative.  However, she is also partly responsible for the future of the Eurozone and I feel like she is sitting on the crisis and failing to act so that the Eurozone is backed into a corner with only Germany’s options on the table to assist them.  Germany is economically healthy so it can afford to watch the weaker Euro members suffer until they are ordered into compliance, i.e. central political rule from Berlin.

Billionaire investor, George Soros, compared Southern European countries to third world countries due to the finacial mess they are in.  Politicians are quick to crticise private investors when it suits them but they need private investors to help get countries out of the mess they are in.

Hindsight is wonderful and an interesting perspective to see the Greek crisis through is this:  when the Greeks joined the Euro, auditors in Brussels had raised doubts and there were concerns then that Greece had cooked its books but Germany and France vetoed an investigation into Greek finances as they themselves did not want to be audited.  Interesting how the world works isn’t it?


2 Comments to “Euro Millions Lottery: Where Will it End?”

  1. I have to agree with you Bubbly. I do think that Merkel’s priority is Germany. Unfortunately, for other Eurozone countries, she will watch them demise as long as Germany is ok.

    Radio 4 Sunday morning show put a great spin on this global crisis. It is evident that noone knows what they are doing. How refreshing would it be if they just admitted it and said they were going to try and rectify the situation rather than talking in economic jargon that they themselves are failing to understand.

    Watch this space!

  2. Fascinating stuff indeed! Spain Greece and Italy joining was a joke in the first place they are backward countries full of lazy meds

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