Hajj @ The British Museum

Launched today at the British Museum is a new breath taking exhibition, Hajj: Journey to the heart of Islam.

I was really dubious about this exhibition as I felt it might be one of the exhibitions that didn’t serve this pilgrimage justice. I have to say that I was totally blown away.

It expertly showcases an array of mediums both historical and contemporary to illustrate the journey of Hajj. There are some quite amazing photographs, none more so that the photograph above by Ahmed Mater “Magnetism”.

In fact not knowing anything about the exhibition is far better than reading an illustrative review.

My only advice; go see it if you can. Ticket are £12 and worth every penny.


3 Comments to “Hajj @ The British Museum”

  1. Bunty, I think it’s great you went to see this exhibition.

    I think it says a lot about Islam that I, as a Muslim, can go to any holy place in the world as I am welcome but non-Muslims are not welcome to the Hajj and indeed are forbidden even on roads leading up to Mecca. As a Muslim it is meant to be one of my duties (it is one of the five pillars) to perform the Hajj but I will not, at least I have no intention of doing so, out of my own political and religious protest againt Saudi Arabia.

    Saudi Arabia is the ugly face of Islam, it’s opression against women needs no repetition from me so I won’t go into it but one of the excuses for not allowing non-Muslims is the overcrowding which is fine but even having an open day would at least show that Islam is apparently a religion of peace and is simply misunderstood rather than paying lip service.

  2. would you go with Liam Neeson? He’s thinking about converting…

  3. I would go with Wentworth Miller as he is a muslim apparently that would be the only reason to go there in quiet season of course

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