Has anti-smacking laws created a lawless society? David Lammy MP certainly think so. In fact, in an article for the Guardian, he goes as far as to say that the riots last August are a result of working class parents not being able to physically discipline their children and doing so would prevent them from joining gangs and entering into knife crime.


Riots and world wars have taken place whilst parents have been able to smack their children without fear of prosecution and physical discipline has never once been instrumental in forming an amenable law abiding society. These social judgements are dangerous and nostalgic of yesteryear when there was a perception that children feared being told off and towed the line.  However, weren’t those children smacked at home were more likely to rebel and join gangs? Weren’t those children being taught that violence was the answer?

Having been brought up as a smacked child, I would never advocate this as a practice of discipline. I still remember the public humiliation, the fear I had of my mother, my own teenage rebellion and outbursts that were related to being smacked. I look around at my peers and always find that those with the best relationships with their parents are those who weren’t smacked.

As a mother, I prefer to discipline my daughters through “positive parenting”, rewarding them for good behaviour rather than lashing out at them for bad. Violence is not something that I have ever wished to pass on.

Finally, does Lammy really believe that poor discipline is a problem of the working class? Surely the August 2011 riots demonstrated that people from all walks of life were involved. Class was not the issue. How insulting Mr Lammy.


2 Comments to “Smacking”

  1. So, Boris Johnson agrees with Lammy. NSPCC and the Chairman of the Paediatrics Association say No No and No.

  2. I wish I could smack other people’s children the little snotty brats

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