Public Duty

As RBS chief executive Stephen Hester waives his bonus of approximately £1m, the tube drivers reject a £500 bonus offer to work during the Olympics.

They may seem hardly comparative, but somehow they are….

Last week Stephen Hester was asked to behave like a public servant and forego his bonus, however, tube drivers do not seem to be considering their public duty at all.

Is it one rule for the public sector bankers and another for the rest of the public sector workers? What are we saying that the rich cannot get any richer until those less fortunate have caught up?

Personally, I did not agree with the colossal sum proposed as a bonus for Hester, but equally, I do not agree with tube drivers getting extra pay for working during the Olympics. Has London Underground not just been held to ransom with threats of strikes if they don’t agree. Most of us have to work during the Olympics without any extra money for the pleasure. Most of us will have to watch the games on television and partake in activities around our work commitments. Get on with it.

I am delighted that Stephen Hester said no to his bonus even if he had to be persuaded by public outcry. Ideally, I would like the tube drivers do the same and just do their job.




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