Himalayan Kitchen

The Himalayas stretch fromPakistan to Nepal and there are countless restaurants borrowing the majestic mountain range’s name.  However, the Himalayan cuisine I will focus on is the Nepal/Tibet side as I review one of my favourite restaurants in Delhi: Yeti, the Himalayan Kitchen.

Always fresh ingredients and light on the stomach (and purse Rs800/ £10 for a meal for 2), Yeti has never let me down and the menu has let me explore a part the world I have not yet visited even though it is only a hop and a skip away.  Tibetan/Nepalese cooking is influenced by Chinese cuisine but it can knock my socks off with the spice level so I usually request no spice at all (wimp!).

I have no idea where a good Himalyan restaurant is in London or other parts of the world but I found a link to a place in Fulham called The Greedy Buddha.  I greedily recommend the steamed momos (image above), crispy spinach and tingmo – a steamed bun.  Fulham is the most annoying place to reach on the tube so you’ll need a good meal if you ever reach.


One Comment to “Himalayan Kitchen”

  1. Heading straight to Yeti today….the picture looks yummm. So glad I found your blog!

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