Terry and Huhne

Two British public figure’s lives and careers have been transformed by the criminal charges they face.

John Terry has been sacked as England captain as he faces a racial discrimination trial this summer. And Chris Huhne has finally resigned to Tory delight as he faces criminal charges for committing perjury over his speeding ticket.

Any thoughts fellow Chatterjis?

I am no fan of either, Terry is a particularly nasty piece of work and I don’t doubt he is a racist scum bag.  Huhne is detestable in the manner in which he dumped his wife for his younger secretary (so 1950s!).  Even his adult children don’t speak to him so goodness knows what else he has done.
However, my opinions are just that, I’m not the judge (although I’d obviously be a fabulous one) and, unless I’m mistaken, both these chaps are innocent until proven guilty.  Do we really want people to be sacked and forced to resign BEFORE their fair trials?


2 Comments to “Terry and Huhne”

  1. I must agree that both figures are despicable. I have no doubt that they will both be found guilty of their criminal charges. However, I am British and have faith in our justice system. I feel the media have (yet again) played their part in turning the public against these figures before their verdicts have been passed.

  2. As with most cases that concern high profile people, trial by media happens long before it hits the court room.

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