Two-Day Diet

New research has found that cutting carbs for two days a week is more effective in helping weight loss than trying to diet constantly. Apparently you can eat carbs the other days as normal.

This is the two-day diet the women in the research followed:

Breakfast: Fruit tea and a banana, or mug of milky coffee.

Mid-morning: Can of diet cola, or cup of tea and plum.

Lunch: Carrot and coriander soup and half-pint of milk, or salad, glass of squash and half-pint of milk.

Mid-afternoon: Glass of squash, or glass of sparkling water and Satsuma.

Dinner: Soy sauce and ginger stir-fry with two vegetables and glass of water, or vegetable curry with two vegetables, half-pint of milk and cup of tea.

Supper: Pint of milk, or hot milk with cinnamon and sweeteners.

An awful lot of milk isn’t there? If you are lactose intolerant I guess you’d substitute it for rice milk etc.

I’ll be forwarding this on to my mum who gave me an earfull for still being in Delhi before telling me that she was off to the gym to fight the weight she gained from stress related eating because I’m not married yet!


5 Comments to “Two-Day Diet”

  1. hmm this diet looks good cutting carbs for me works evertime in fact I am cutting out the carbs at the moment as need to look hot in a bikini in 5 weeks- i need to get rid of my punjabi gut..carb cutting i find is the easiest diet to stick too!

  2. I’ve never heard of this before; I will have to check this two day carb cutter out one day:) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  3. This diet is semi-do-able but what about the morning – how do you survive all morning on that rubbish!! I need a bowl of cereal and fruit and a small chocolate to see me through to lunch (and that is when I am dieting!)

    even now I am trying to “eat” my hot chocolate and my stomach is grumbling – whatta fatty

    and as for punjabi gut – urgh – my punjabi genes are crying out for ghee every night (with potatoes rice and pasta, YES ALTOGETHER!! it’s cold outside …. )

  4. Aw do we have to eat veg curry without the naan and rice?

  5. Where is the meat in this diet??

    It’s basically a two day veggie detox. With lots of milk. Is is full-fat milk or half-fat?

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