A Worried Parent

Dear Diary,

I was really shocked when I heard about the secret implantation of contraception in teenage girls. To my knowledge, sex under 16 is still illegal and for me this is just condoning underage sexual activity?

I do believe that sex education needs to be progressive, but is handing out contraceptives really the way forward? Maybe….. As a mother of two toddler girls, this is scary. Are my children going to be having sex at 10????

I spoke to my husband about this and a real naivety stepped in. Firstly this wouldn’t happen to our girls and secondly, Asian girls don’t have sex at that age?

Well, whilst teenage pregnancy is not something is associated with Asian girls, it does not mean that it isn’t an issue. At dinner last night I was made aware of a project in East London that worked with teenage Asian girls who found themselves pregnant. Most of the girls came from poor backgrounds and had fallen out of the education system early. Whilst these girls are primarily school leavers, it is within time that the age of Asian girls falling pregnant will be younger.

I don’t know what the answers are here and respect the work done by those professionals who dedicate their careers to this issue. But I am ……

A worried parent.

2 Comments to “A Worried Parent”

  1. I must admit that normally stories like this do not really affect me as I am not a parent and so often bypass it! However this has a little legal twinge to it and so I will get involved if you don’t mind!

    The reason why in this country we have an age limit of 16 to have sex as that is deemed an appropriate age for a young person to be in control of their decisions on some issues, like marriage and sex. Now there has to be a cut off point but of course, there will be some instances where a 15 year old girl has “consensual” sex with a 17 year old boy and the court will take a view.

    But if we believe that an under-16 is a child and therefore unable to take decisions about sex then why can they make decisions about contraception? That is wholly inconsistent. I would be horrified if a hormonal implant was pushed into my nieces arm that released hormones on a daily basis with HUGE ramifications on her well-being, not to mention the side effects she could feel WITHOUT any involvment from parents.

    However, what can you do? Then girls won’t get the contraception and become pregnant.

    I don’t have an answer, but fundamentally it seems wrong for a child to be able to ask for anything without the consent of their parents.

    by the way asian girls have just as much sex as anyone else – some are virigins some are good-time-girls and most will enjoy sex with different men on and off throughout their teens and 20s (and 30s, thank you very much) until they meet the man they marry. I think the difference is that when asian girls get pregnant they go and get an abortion, no discussion, no sentimentality it’s jsut done straight away without any thought.

    At uni I lived with 5 asian girls in one year (didn’t do that again, it was a nightmare) and all 5 of them had at least one abortion while they were at uni.

  2. The age of consent in Spain for girls is 12. When I ask my Spanish friends, male and female, how old they were when they first had sex, the oldest was 19, the youngest, and this is going to really shock you, was 9!

    Contraception is freely available here. You do get the odd pharmacy being moralistic, but then there are so many of them, that you can go to one next door and get what you need just fine.

    If other forms of contraception are effecetive, and by that, I mean people, including youngsters, use it and able to access it, then surely there is no need to secretly implant hormones in them?? It is slightly different here because people are much more scared of catching an STD than getting pregnant. As one of my friends here put it, you can get rid of a pregnancy pretty easily and quickly, but what are you going to do if you catch HIV?

    Spain has one of the lowest teenage pregancy rates in the world, and trust me, it’s not because they are all virgins!!!

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