Cappuccino Walla

Starbucks is due to open its first store in India by the end of the year. Location; either Mumbai or Delhi. Watch out Bubbly, Starbucks knows your in town.

So can a nation that drinks 838 tonnes of tea a year be converted to coffee?

Coffee drinking in India is on the up.

I recall a similar conversation being had in England about 15 years ago. Starbucks opened in England in 1998 and changed the way the British drank hot beverages. Coffee, lattes, cappuccinos etc…. became the growing trend. It was a place for friends to meet, colleagues to work and business to be done. Coffee shops were a freelancers dream.

The same thing is happening in India. Cafe Coffee Day have more than 1200 shops in India. Costa, Lavazza and Barista exist. Coffee is much more expensive that buying tea from the chai walla on the roadside. Foremost, coffee is served in a restaurant type setting so that people can sit, chat and enjoy their hot drink. In India, it is the drink of the middle classes and apparently popular with students. Yet Starbucks still hasn’t grabbed its market share, until now.

However, time will tell if it will ever take over from the native tea?

Bunty (loves chai).

One Comment to “Cappuccino Walla”

  1. I think it’s likely to catch on, as it has in the UK. Starbucks also do nice tea, which is not always the case with coffee sellers, but if you want a good hot chocolate Costa is the place to go, in my opinion.

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