The Valentine’s Come Down

There were flowers, chocolates, a gorgeous card, a romantic meal…even great sex…..

and then ……..

the day after being romantically spoilt there are snotty nose kids, washing up, laundry, cooking dinner and a text message saying he’ll be late as he is watching the football in a pub with a mate…..

Rather exaggerated scene of events and I am sure not entirely true in most households, but, the Valentine’s come down is a really experienced by many women who cherish that one day that their partner will be romantic and celebrate being with them.

I made sure I had chocolate left over for today so at least I can carry on indulging!!


3 Comments to “The Valentine’s Come Down”

  1. Dont wish to cause offence but flowers chocs card meal on valentines day is just so tacky! To care about it is even worse uh!

    • Haha! I feel a little meh about V-day but maybe not quite as harsh as you! My friends at work were very excited about their partners cooking but my boyfriend cooks every night, what’s the big deal? And if you only get flowers or spoiled on special ocassions that’s a pity as there’s a man out there that will spoil you all the time and hopefully you’ll spoil him back!

  2. I love cooking so don’t mind the cooking bit. I hate gardening, ironing and putting the bins out! Thank God my husband does that despite his waning efforts at spoiling me regularly.

    Enjoy being spoiled.

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