My Groupon Grump

I love a bargain. Doesn’t everyone? Isn’t that why Groupon is one of the fastest growing voucher sites in the UK? With daily offers for up to 80% off the face value, there is no wonder why the deals get snapped up. But how do their offers fair?

Some good, some not so good and some very poor. Today I had a very poor experience that I would like to share so that others do not waste £100.

A Spa Day disaster…

I had bought a Spa Day with a treatment from Essence Wellbeing Oasis. The treatment was a day at a spa with a meal, glass of wine and an Essence Wellbeing full body massage.

The company had paired up with De Vere Village Hotel where the spa day and meal were to be had. The treatment would be in a different location which meant that after a swim, sauna etc… you would have to get dressed, walk across the car park only to get undressed again for a treatment.

Nevertheless, upon arrival we decided that the first thing we would do is have lunch. Well, lunch was a choice of four types of sandwiches in a noisy cold diner in the hotel. Your only option if you were a vegetarian was cheese and tomato so bad luck if you were wheat and diary intolerant. Hardly the tranquil spa day we were expecting or the essence of well being.

Upon complaining of the poor value and bad service the owner of the Essence Wellbeing Oasis told us that this was the offer and she was not prepared to do anything about it. We have to now go through the tedious task of Groupon’s refund policy for this very bad value for money.

The face value was £276. With the massages £60 per person. The meal was no more than £10 per person. This meant that the use of the hotel Spa was £136. This is unbelievable and cannot be possible when the hotel offer packages with treatments for less than £125. You can book a room for £75  and use the spa.

For this deal the face value seemed to be totally concocted and didn’t make sense.

We left feeling extremely ripped off but grateful at least that we could claim a refund. I will in future stick to companies that I know and take face value with a pinch of salt. The Hilton Park Lane Spa Day offer on Groupon was fantastic and worth every penny.

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3 Comments to “My Groupon Grump”

  1. Oh dear it’s awful when we have to complain especially as it spoils an experience and time itself is so precious. The owner sounds like she needs to learn about customer service.

  2. It got worse. My refund was refused. They would only provide credit to my account. I had to write another complaint citing the Consumer Rights Act where mis-selling entitles me to a refund.
    Of course they are now refunding the full amount.
    What a nightmare!!!

  3. Go Bunty, whoop!!

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