Super Commuters

An increasing number of Americans are willing to fly even 100 miles to get to work every day, most at their own expense as professional struggle to get employment.

Perception of distances and our tolerance of travel are open to change.  I live in Delhi part of the year and everyone there pretty much assumes it will take 40 minutes to an hour to reach somewhere, longer in peak hours, but many lower income workers often commute over two hours each way.  When I get back to London, I’m quite miffed if the tube is delayed by even two minutes and groan that the Northern Line is as slow as a bus.

I know friends who commute daily between Manchester and London and once saw a real estate promotion on a beautiful renovated building in Glasgow city centre saying it was only an hour away from London – obviously by plane.  Supermodels and the rich and famous lamented the loss of Concorde as the beautiful supersonic plane made it possible for them to commit to crazy schedules between Europe and the USA.

What is your commute and would you tolerate a longer one?


3 Comments to “Super Commuters”

  1. I used to have to travel 2 hours in the morning to go to school due to traffic and I hated it. I’m not a morning person at all. Now I try and live as close to work as I can.

  2. I travel an hour and a half to work. I wish I could work closer to home. I find it extremely hard when I need to rush back for the children. However, I do find solace in my commute on the days that I do not have to drive as it provide me with an opportunity to read in peace!!!

  3. I recently moved jobs and now have a longer commute. I didn’t give it a second thought when moving, but now I am regretting that decision a little. I have lost over an hour of my day every weekday, and with a hectic work schedule, every hours counts! I didn’t think that having an hour less in the evening would matter much, but I find myself much more tired than I used to be as I try to fit the same amount of things in the evenings as I did before.

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