Sleep, we all need it and our bodies crave it, so what can we do when we just can’t get to sleep?

I have been given some advice since my insomnia kicked in a couple of weeks ago….

1) Sleeping pills – I would rather not. I prefer natural remedies.

2) Don’t work at night – This is hard for me as I tend to catch up on work most evenings after the children have gone to bed.

3) Don’t watch the news – I found this amusing but could understand why. Apparently depressing news causes anxiety and can affect sleep. The ten o’clock news is just habit.

4) Read a boring book – I can’t think if anything worse. This doesn’t put me to sleep but makes me just want to read something satisfying.

5) Drink warm milk – Yuk. This is what I give my children. I am an adult. However, backed by science: milk contains Tryptophan, also known as “chemical T.” Tryptophan helps the body release serotonin, which relaxes you. 

6) Go for a run or exercise – At 11 o’clock at night. This is the last thing I want to do.

7) Count sheep – I thought this was just an old wives tale. I haven’t fallen asleep. Just got bored very quickly.

If anyone has suffered from insomnia and has a tried and tested method of getting to sleep, please share.

Match stick eyed Bunty

2 Comments to “Imsomnia”

  1. Due to various reasons, I have not been able to sleep lately and have been suffering from quite bad insomnia. I have found two things that work:

    – hot milk with some sort of flavouring. My favourite at the minute is called Nesquik Noche – the same as normal Nesquik, but it has a blend of camomile and other herbs in it designed to help you nod off, and all you can taste is the chocolate. The only problem is that I haven’t seen in the UK.

    – when hot milk doesn’t work, I try yoga to try to relax my body and clear my mind. There are various meditative and destressing exercises in yoga and as long as you have patience, I find that they do help get me to sleep.

  2. Thanks Mysterious Pinkie. I am going to try yoga and will speak to my instructor about specific exercises as I haven’t seen the Nesquik drink on our shelves.

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