Ya Ya Sisterhood

My best friend and I describe our relationship as sisters but recently, I have wondered whether this truly describes how close we are. We seem to have placed a higher value on the relationship between sisters  and yet, I only hear sisters describe their closeness, should they so close,  as best friends. This role reversal seems to happen all around me.


It does make me wonder whether we should just embrace our relationship as best friends and not create a fantasy relationship that just isn’t real. After all, we cannot choose our family and being blood related doesn’t mean we will get on. In fact, I could name a number of sisters that spend very little time together, are chalk and cheese and really do not have much in common except their parents.

However, a friendship is to be treasured. We choose our friendships, even if they are with our sisters. We seek them in people that share similar interests, outlooks and values. A friendship can be more powerful and meaningful than a blood relationship with someone, can’t it?

I don’t have a real sister, but if I did, I would hope that she would be just like my best friend. Ya Ya Sisterhood!






One Comment to “Ya Ya Sisterhood”

  1. I am one of two sisters (who is one of my best best best friends) but I know a few sisters who do not get on. My sister and I have loads of friends who are one of two sisters. I am the little sister and when we all get together it’s big sisters vs little sisters!! Apparently little sisters are selfish…no…

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